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System Development & Resource Placement

Whether it be placement of a highly skilled and specialised resource, or the full outsourcing of an entire development project, HD IT can meet your needs.  At HD IT, we know and understand that you cannot compromise on quality when it comes to people.  We pride ourselves in our strict recruitment and placement methodology which incorporates a four area screening process (IQ, Aptitude, Personality, and Production).  Through this unique blend of skills and personality selection, HD IT continues to deliver at a level which compels our clients to refer us to others.


With Business Process Management (BPM), we work with your business to streamline your operations with a goal to reduce costs and improve business agility.   

Pega Systems


Cloud Platforms

HD IT has partnered with the following industry leading cloud platform providers to provide proven, leading edge platforms that exceed our clients expectations.

  Amazon Web Services






HD IT is proud to be a pre-qualified supplier for the NSW Goverment (ICT Services Scheme). 



HD IT has worked with some of the best and busiest in the Clubs space. Our server virtualisation services in particular have been welcomed by the Clubs we have worked with and contributed significantly to their overall IT capabilities and efficiency.

Client: Club Marconi and Parramatta Leagues Club 

  • Problem

    The Clubs were burdened with ageing infrastructure and failing components that significantly hampered performance.

  • Solution

    HD IT delivered server virtualisation services, modernising the entire server environment.

  • Results

    We were able to reduce floor space down from 4 server racks to only 1. Our solution led to improved performance and flexibility in addition to improved uptime, reliability and disaster recoverability.

Professional Services

Further to providing skilled resource placements as outlined above, HD IT boasts a demonstrable track record of success in delivering IT solutions to clients in the Professional Services space. We have worked with small, owner-operated businesses and medium sized firms.

Client: Laing+Simmons Randwick

  • Problem

    We had to keep IT capital costs low while providing for fast, reliable and secure access to the business database.

  • Solution

    Fully hosted MS Exchange Email, REST Database and File Storage.

  • Results

    We delivered a solution that came in 85% under initial proposed costs and facilitated better productivity through remote access to key systems.


Corporate clients bring with them a host of unique requirements. HD IT is experienced working with large organisations and the Boards of Directors that govern them.

HD  IT works with both the Private and Public sectors to identify and implement efficiency driven systems and solutions.  HD IT has experience and knowledge in the following systems:-




Client: Polyglot Group

  • Problem

    With their existing systems, the client had no insight into their IT systems for audit and compliance purposes.

  • Solution

    We delivered a proactive monitoring and cialisfrance24.com support agreement.

  • Results

    System reliability was vastly improved through the provision of proactive IT services. We reduced IT costs by over 20% through a fixed-cost service agreement and assisted with audit compliance through the delivery of comprehensive monthly system status reports.

Building & Construction

HD IT has considerable experience catering to the specific IT requirements of building and construction companies. We know what matters to our clients in this space and we work to deliver IT solutions that integrate seamlessly into their businesses.

Client: Next Constructions

  • Problem

    The client was not able to access critical business systems from multiple project locations.

  • Solution

    HD IT delivered a fully hosted and managed virtual desktop solution.

  • Results

    With the new system in place, staff had fast, secure and reliable access to key business systems from any device, from anywhere in the world. We reduced project site setup time from 3 days down to 2 hours and the client was able to cut its IT spend by 20%.